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We initially planned our trip to Southern California to celebrate a few milestones in my father’s family: my grandfather’s 88th birthday (a significant celebration is in order if you are Japanese) and my cousin Geoff’s graduation from UCSD.  My aunt planned this family reunion and firmly believes that in order to have a successful family vacation, you must ensure everyone gets at least one activity that makes them happy. Since D was enduring a lot of time with MY family, I’m sure his trip highlight was a round of golf with my uncle and grandfather on the North Course at Torrey Pines.

When we arrived in La Jolla, we drove straight to the course for a 10 am tee time. After our hot afternoon inland in Coto de Caza, I was unprepared for the June gloom and chilly temps on the coast. Like a true rookie visitor to the San Diego area, I hadn’t packed enough long-sleeved clothing and I figured, “oh it’ll just burn off.” I didn’t expect to go out on the golf course, but at the last minute my uncle suggested riding in the cart. I grabbed my camera and proceeded to freeze my way through the front 9.

While the guys were warming up on the driving range, I took a look around.

My Uncle Steven

D on left, my grandfather on the right

What the deal is with the Torrey Pine?
Is it native to only this area of La Jolla? It certainly is a iconic feature of this course.

Looking south to downtown La Jolla

My grandfather is an avid golfer and was a longtime member of Waialae CC. These days, he doesn’t get out quite as much, but regardless, it’s pretty impressive to play a full round of golf at a US Open course when you’re 88!

I begin to tire of pine trees and start checking out other flora and fauna

There were loads of rabbits on the North Course. This fellow is just chillin’, not the least bit afraid of me or any of the golfers passing by.

I really can’t explain the wacky range in exposure for these photos. I’d like to blame it on the June gloom or the rush to find a place to shoot, while not holding up the game, but really it boils down to user error.

When we hit the turn, I promptly jumped out of the cart and booked it on over to our hotel. I was freezing cold and had lost feeling on the side of both my pinky fingers 3 holes ago. The Hilton Torrey Pines was our home base for 2 days. Located right on the edge of the 18th fairway, we found it both comfortable and reasonably priced! We also liked being situated between both La Jolla and Del Mar. Check out the view from our room!

A final note about me (and golf):
Even though I can’t play, I am one of the crazy few who finds it relaxing to watch golf on tv. Perhaps I am just so happy that football season is over! I also don’t mind riding along in the cart, as long as the course is a worthwhile spot for photos.

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  1. Loved the bunny and bird, E. I think one day you’ll be thrilled you got such great pics of your grandfather!!

  2. @eunice I never know where it’s ok to drive the cart. This time they wanted you in the fairway, not the rough?

  3. Eunice

    Great photos. I agree watching golf on tv is so much better than football. I prefer to drive the cart!

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