The Whelk – Westport, CT

This leFarm/Souterrain fan got extremely lucky this week!
Welcome to Westport’s brand new seafood spot, The Whelk.

leFarm devotees and local food fans will recognize these names: Bill Taibe, Dan Kardos, Massimo Tullio. Plus a team of new and familiar faces providing a warm welcome, delicious food (mostly savory, with a few sweet finishes) and a growing list of libations offered up from an ample bar.

What exactly is a whelk? Well, this gastropod or sea snail is a darling of sustainable seafood lists and currently featured on the restaurant’s new menu, via the chowder. From scallop crudo and oysters on the half shell to smoked trout dip and octopus/squid poutine, you’ll find the bounty of the sea is the main point of inspiration at The Whelk. Landlubbers can stick to the lamb burger and crispy fries or hope that Chef Taibe won’t completely strike fried chicken from the menu.

The Whelk is located at 575 Riverside Avenue in Westport, CT. If you’re familiar with the area, that’s across from the old Doc’s, next to Saugatuck Craft Butchery or a short walk from the Black Duck and the Westport train station. Out-of- towners: think exit 17 off I-95.

For now, service is dinner only. Though I hear there are lunch/brunch plans in the works. Keep an eye on or check the leFarm Westport FB page for the latest. (The Whelk will be closed Saturday, 1/28/12 – due to involvement in Fork It Over, the Westport Farmers’ Market Benefit)

Most importantly… Reservations will be available for the tables beneath the windows facing Riverside Ave. (203) 557-0902 The rest of the seats (including the bar), will remain up for grabs. My advice? Get a rez or go early.

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  1. I hear one if the photos from this post may be on an episode of the Martha Stewart Show airing March 15, 2012. Even if it ends up on cutting room floor, you’ll still want to see what Chef Taibe is cooking up with Martha! Hint: oysters are involved!

  2. Thanks Liz, for the shoutout. Really nice and, agreed…shots during the day always look so much nicer, brighter, and more detailed.

    Hope to see you at the next foodie event!


  3. Colin, What a stroke of good luck! The poutine seems to top the list for a lot of folks, myself included.

  4. Dinner at the Whelk on Thursday night came by surprise.
    We were visiting Ryan and Paul at Craft and happened upon an awesome opening.
    The Octapus and fries made the top of our list, just enough heat to puzzle the taste buds,
    the octupus was cooked perfectly. In early it was a perfect time to watch the magic
    make a dream into reality. Well done chef Taibe, the Whlelk is fabulous.

  5. Thanks Dan, great to finally cross paths with you 2. I can’t wait to shoot at The Whelk DURING THE DAY! When it comes to photography, Bill’s food is always a huge source of inspiration to me.

    If you don’t know food bloggers Dan /Kristien, check ’em out for the skinny on good eats in Fairfield County @omnomct)

  6. Nice! You’re a really awesome photographer, wow. As scary as they are, think our favorite shot is the shrimp. 🙂 Nice to meet you again.

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