This past weekend a few college friends came to town and I wanted to show them a unique summer dining experience, so we headed to The Place in Guilford, Connecticut. I’m not sure why it’s so much fun to sit on a tree stump and enjoy your food in the great outdoors, but everyone always loves it here.I HATE eating corn on the cob in public, but I’ll make an exception for this roasted version. Our table always ends up littered with black bits of charred corn husks. My other favorite is the roasted clam special. The littlenecks are served up on a hot grill, already doused in cocktail sauce. By the time our 1 lb lobster arrived, it was too dark for photos.  Plus conditions were *way* too messy to be touching my camera.Everything (including your lobster) can be cooked on the outdoor grill and below is the one-and-only menu:The Place is BYOB and you can fill-in the rest of your meal by bringing other sides from home. You may have read about my incomplete broccoli quinoa salad, but we still did manage to put out a nice cheese selection from Villa Gourmet, a tomato and mozzarella salad and a strawberry JELL-O pie. 

If you go: A tablecloth isn’t a bad idea and forget the plastic, The Place is cash only.