the mighty vitamix

Move over blender, there’s a new appliance in town. We’re now proud owners of the amazing Vitamix 5200 that tops off at speed of 240 mph. Seriously, this thing is so powerful that it was a bit frightening at first! We definitely read the directions before anything got plugged in. I’ve always relentlessly teased my mom about her expensive blender from Costco, but now she got me one… I’ve been converted. It does a great job with our smoothies and D found this recipe for a whole fruit margarita. It doesn an incredible job demolishing ice, so your frosty beverages will be some of the smoothest in around! Before and After

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  1. Brilliant concept, isn’t it!? C’mon over, we’ll load you up with Vitamin C.

  2. Michele

    Now you have to drink more Margaritas – FOR YOUR HEALTH!!

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