summer cocktails at pegu club

Decisions, decisions. The three of us couldn’t make up our mind. Death & Co. Painkiller, Vandaag, Angel’s Share? In the end, we went with the reliably fantastic Pegu Club for our Saturday night cocktails.  Pegu welcomes you at 5 pm, which is an hour earlier than most cocktail hotspots. Getting there at opening is the key to getting in, getting a good spot at the bar and getting full attention from your bartender.

Below is Michele’s off-menu gin cocktail, muddled with cucumber and apples.Burke bemoaned that his drink selection often seems to include floral decoration. Hmm, no comment, but I did love the unusually petite-sized dendrobium orchid that coordinated perfectly with the coconut and kaffir lime flavor of his cocktail. In just one sip, this refreshing taste of Thailand transports you to a tropical happy place.What do you think about these black straws? You absolutely need a way to get to your drink without disturbing the beautiful garnish on the rim of the glass… but the black definitely ruins the photograph in my eye. Would a clear straw be that much better?

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  1. paper straws are pretty cool, though if you dally with your drink – you pay a price with structural integrity!

  2. They should have used paper straws.

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