I’m ready for summer, but today was a bit intense. It was in the 90’s, blazing hot for a May day in Connecticut and I wanted to share a frosty treat (from Hawaii) to help cool things down!  You may be thinking, this looks like a snow cone, but it’s not. It is so much better! The ice is literally shaved from a block of ice and though the results is packed into a cup or cone, the overall texture is much smoother. When you order, you select your syrup flavors. I think it can hold up to three?  My grandfather used to take us to Waiola’s when I was a kid. I always ordered the rainbow shave ice. I still love the colorfulness of it, but it’s no longer my favorite flavor. I also remember there was ALWAYS a line.  Here’s a tip, if you go on a rainy day, the line is a lot shorter. When you’re on a tight vacation timeline, you have to go even when it’s drizzling… This was the first time I’ve just walked right up to the window and ordered! Brent convinced me to try a shave ice with ice cream at the bottom of the cup.  Like the filled malasada, I was relunctant to toy with perfection… but what can I say the kid has good taste!The problem with food blogging is that taking photos gets in the way of eating. So I apologize for the quality of these photos which I’m sure I took with one hand on my G10 and the other, holding my lilikoi pineapple shave ice.