souterrain four (part 1)

I was feeling pretty lucky this past weekend. On nothing but a wild guess, I picked Shackleford to win the Preakness (not that a bet was placed) and I also managed to snag a seat at Souterrain on Sunday. Why should you be impressed? ¬†Well, this ‘underground meal’ sold out in something like 13 minutes! I’ve missed the last 2 and am embarrassed to admit I thought it might not be as magical as the first Souterrain last August. I was completely wrong. Chef Bill Taibe and his team from leFarm packed up for Sport Hill Farm in Easton, Connecticut and put on a spectacular brunch. The Chef also assured us that leFarm will never be severing brunch back at the restaurant in Westport. After reading Gabrielle Hamilton’s book, I can understand why.

Stay tuned, part 2 will feature behind-the-scenes photographs from this wonderful meal.

No new Souterrain has been announced, but you can join the mailing list at:
2 other Connecticut farm dinner options for this summer:
Millstone Farm/Schoolhouse at Cannondale (Fairfield County)
Dinners at the Farm/River Tavern (Shoreline East)

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  1. Thanks for stopping by Patti!

    It’s been a while, so today I decided to revisit these photos. What a treat to recall that wonderful afternoon. I admire that Bill is constantly searching out new venues, but to me – Souterrain feels most at home on a farm. I was so inspired walking around Sport Hill – I’d love to return next year so I can share more about your farm!

  2. Hi Liz, just stumbled upon your post for the Souterrain at our farm. Your pictures are AMAZING. You are so talented. That was a great day and the farm was in peak condition.

  3. Thanks Marina. Definitely try to get to leFarm Family Meal, I think you’ll really enjoy it!

  4. Marina

    fantastic pictures Liz! food looks amazing

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