Sooke Harbour HouseWhile planning our very first vacation together we threw out a bunch of destinations and Vancouver was one of them. This city always garnered the highest praise from returning travelers. In the end we went to soak up some sun in San Juan, but before our plane tickets were booked, I read about an inn on Vancouver Island. It was a destination for world-class food, wine and lodging. For the past 6 years I haven’t forgotten the Sooke Harbour House. After spending 2 magical nights there, I can finally say it was worth the wait.

Sooke Harbour HouseCrows roosting at the end of the day.Sooke Harbour HouseA sampler outside inside-and-out of the Herb Garden room.  Each day breakfast is scheduled and delivered to you room. We ate ours outside and watched the gulls feeding at low tide.Whiffin Spit Park Sooke has a long harbor and inner basin protected by the Whiffin Spit. This park is right outside the inn’s property. You might expect a quick walk, but this spit keeps on going… you need about 20-30 min to reach the lighthouse at the end.Whiffin Spit Park
Sooke Harbour House