This week, my friend Rachel announced she needed grape  & winery photographs for a new blog. I thought I could help out, but realized that I don’t have many images that fit the bill… In my search, I came across this shot again.  Another cold, gray New England day. We were spending the night in Mystic so we could get our marriage license first thing on Monday morning.  Hardly anyone was in the winery tasting room that Sunday afternoon.  That day- it was the sleepy, quiet place I fell for on our first visit. Out of nowhere, D was the first to see the rainbow arching over the entire vineyard. We all raced out on to the deck to get a better look.

I’ve always loved the spot where we got married…  in the rain… even before the rainbow.  It looked like heaven to me on that hilltop.  Just like the kind of place Judy Garland sang about. over the rainbow