from sofra to the grill

It’s no secret I’m in love with Sofra and Saturday I was the *amazingly* lucky recipient of a “special delivery” from this bakery. More about that later this week because this stroke of good fortune deserves its own post.
It’s a shame thatĀ even with the photos, you won’t get a true sense of amazing flavors in Ana Sortun’s food… The taste is always beyond all my expectations. Sunday night we decided to throw some of the dukkah spice mix on the zucchini. That’s probably NOT the best use for it, but it sure made summer squash a lot more exciting!

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  1. Dorney asked me this very question yesterday. M, You two really need to get up to Cambridge. You’ll fall madly in love with Oleana and Sofra.

  2. Michele

    WHY haven’t I tasted Sofra yet? WHY?

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