snow day

Our first big snow storm of the winter.  This time around the lovely white stuff was light and fluffy, but there was over a foot of it!  On the very top of my least favorite things to do on a Sunday morning?  Shoveling the driveway.

Oh and about this polar bear. I live in the suburbs of Connecticut, so I am allowed my one holiday lawn ornament. Mine is on the back porch and no really sees it besides us and two of our neighbors.snowy polar bearsnowy polar bearsnow, not much bear

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  1. Michelle: I never thought of that! But you’re right!

    Poor bear, she does need some chicken noodle! It was so windy tonight when we came home she was blown off the table. Good thing the holiday season’s over and this polar bear can retreat to the basement for the rest of the winter.

  2. Michelle M.

    The second picture looks as if the polar bear is shaking the snow off…cool!

  3. Oh! What a sad, snowy bear. Reminds me of that old Campbell’s soup commercial: feed him chicken noodle and he’ll melt back to his old self right away! He’s cute – he deserves to be your one ornament.

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