I work right across the street from Crumbs Bake Shop in Stamford.  I’m not much of a sweet tooth these days, but their cupcakes are so visually tempting I have to be careful.  I stick to the coffee (dark roast, please) whenever I wander into the bake shop.  Here’s a High Ridge secret: Crumbs is guaranteed to be more peaceful than the Starbucks that’s just a few doors down.  Thanksgiving weekend my niece and nephew came up to visit from Bucks County, Pennsylvania and I wanted to get them a sweet surprise.  Jack immediately had his eye on the brownie cupcake: chocolate cake filled and frosted with chocolate fudge, drizzled with chocolate and topped with walnut brownie bites. What did he think of this oversized serving of chocolate upon chocolate?  The photos say it all…JackJackJackYou  might think all this sugar would have Jack bouncing off the walls, but not so.  Here’s one last shot: hanging with his Uncle Blue, watching TMNT. Yes, ninja turtles.Jack & Uncle Blue