Seahawks Tailgate
It’s week three of football and if you’re following along at home you know I went to my first NFL game while we were in Seattle. We were invited to hang with some locals (thanks Em and Pete) who take tailgating very seriously! In the lower right you can see Pete eating lamb curry with couscous, chutney and some cilantro and nasturtium flowers for garnish. This was like Top Chef for tailgating!  There is even the Mud Bone trophy. Last year’s winner judges the season’s best overall food presentation.  Competition was fierce!

It was a beautiful warm, sunny day for the season opener against the St. Louis Rams. Hawk Robot made his first appearance right before Pete’s official Seahawks blessing. It must have all been a good sign because the Seahawks easily beat the Rams, 28 to 0.Seahawks - Rams 2009
This week there seems to be a lot of chatter about the Seahawks new uniforms. I don’t mind the lime green at all! But then again, I guess I’m not your average football fan.