When we’re on vacation I tend to worry about every meal. But then there are some days controlled by a time-sensitive agenda and we need to move along without the distraction of a growling stomach. In other words: we are not above eating at a gas station.

While researching our trip to the Broadmoor, we noticed¬†Rudy’s had inched further north with a new location in Colorado Springs. We first encountered this BBQ joint/gas station during a large family lunch in Austin, Texas. ¬†Back here in New England, I try to avoid multitasking while filling up on gas, but starving after our drive from Denver, we decided to stop in and see if Texas BBQ translates across state lines.

Arriving in time for a late lunch, there was still a line snaking its way to the register. Usually we’re not ones to wait, but unfamiliar with Colorado Springs, we stuck it out. In about 15 minutes we were at the counter placing our order.

Not bad for lunch at a gas station. Brisket, jalapeno sausage, pulled pork. Sauce is bottled and on each table.

When I order brisket, it’s not the “lean” version.

Bonus impulse item: banana pudding

I’m hoping to do a few more Colorado Springs posts over the next week or so.
Our trip out West was back in July, so some details may end up being a little fuzzy.