I’ve done a number of posts about the Woodmont Farmers’ Market, but I wanted to share a few shots from Treat’s, the farm that hosts this Wednesday event. It broke my heart when they got rid of the ramshackle shed a few years ago. It was always dark and sweltering hot in the summer, but you felt like you were buying produce on a farm. The new barn/market is much bigger & cooler inside and now Treat’s is such an enjoyable place to shop on a warm summer day.  I have a few favorite things here…

  • native corn (don’t touch! tell them how many you want and they’ll hand select the ears for you)
  • orange flesh melon (appearance: honeydew-like on the outside,  cantaloupe-like on the inside. Taste: always amazingly sweet)
  • Smyths’s Trinity Dairy milk (you’ll get your deposit back when you return the thick glass bottle)
  • Judies baked goods (my favorites are the the assaggio shallot and the peasant baguette)
  • pies from Blackbird Bakery (wild blueberry crumb!)  and Scratch Baking’s mini pies
  • jumbo-sized fresh eggs in the refrigerated case (so big, there are often double yolks)
  • chocolate cookies with nuts (see glass jars between the middle cash registers). This is my #1 impulse item.

I wish they would bring back Milford’s own….Buck’s ice cream… but not really… who needs that kind of temptation every weekend!?