I’m boring traditionalist when it comes to Thanksgiving. I’m not looking to try new dishes…I like the classics.  But, if you’re looking for a new take on sweet potatoes (beyond the usual casserole topped with marshmallows), I recommend this easy recipe from The Gourmet Cookbook edited by Ruth Reichl (the yellow one). Roasted Spiced Sweet Potatoes have made repeated appearances on our dinner table. view recipe here >>

I find mashing up coriander seeds (in a mortar and pestle) oddly satisfying.

As you can see I’ve taken a few liberties, using two different colored yams and trading-in wedges for bite-sized cubes. We own a vegetable chop which makes quick work of the veggies, not to mention a perfect dice. I don’t have this kind of knife skill!

We like using diced sweet potatoes in a hash to accompany eggs, so I never mind having leftovers.