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Before we fly out in search of warmer weather later this week, here are a few more photos from our snowy trip up north! Whenever we head out to our family ski house in Vermont, the first stop of the morning is usually The Rochester Cafe. It’s often been such a long time since we’ve had the maple link sausage that no one wants to share an order.  You’ll want to schedule a full, active day in order to work off the hearty breakfasts they serve up at the Cafe. Even if you’re just driving through on Route 100, this little gem is worth a stop!

For over 20 years, the Huntington House Inn has been another regular stop (for dinner) when we roll into Rochester. About 5 years ago I wrote to Gourmet to ask for a salad recipe from the Inn. My request was published in the November issue of the magazine. I still remember the great big turkey on the cover. I’ve since lost track of my copy and the Inn is under new management, but at the time, it was a thrill to see my name in the magazine!

This is the other game in town for dinner, Village Porch Bar & Bistro. We went to check out the menu, but didn’t end up eating there on this trip. It overlooks my another one of my favorite stops in Rochester, BigTown Gallery.

We had a beautiful afternoon for our backcountry snow mobile tour with Killington Snow Mobile Tours.

Right as our tour ended, it started to snow… like crazy. I thought it was so funny that Brent had never cleaned snow off a car before. Immediately we put him to work, but he could barely keep up.

Long Trail Brewery was on our way back to Rochester. We went in for a cold one, but were surprised by the tasty bar food that complement their beers!

Somehow the Long Trail tagline, Take a Hike! feels just right in Vermont.

Earlier that week, Katey had mentioned her favorite bacon is from Dakin Farms near Burlington. That was too far north for our travels, but we planned a stop at FH Gillingham & Sons with the hopes of finding it in stock. No luck, but food lovers will enjoy a stop inside this Vermont country store in beautiful Woodstock.

Our final destination in Vermont was the restaurant at Simon Pearce.  It’s such a beautiful dining experience that every time I’m anywhere near Quechee I try to eat there.

While I believe the restaurant’s dining room is the best venue to showcase Simon Pearce’s beautifully-crafted products, there is also an adjacent shop filled with their glassware and ceramics.

If you’ve waiting for a table, head downstairs, where you can feel the blast of heat while the watching glassblowers.  (For those of you who live in Connecticut, I hear Juliska will be doing something similar in Stamford)

One last look at the beautiful open farmland.

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  1. Tropical Storm Irene has left quite a mess in her wake. As we clean up here on the Connecticut shoreline, my heart goes out to those trapped by swollen rivers and crumbled bridges up there in Vermont. Rochester was hit particularly hard…

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