postcard from manchester, vt

Earlier this month I attended a meeting at the beautiful Equinox Resort & Spa. It has been remodeled since our last off-site here, about 4 years ago. The new fire pit out back was a big hit with everyone in the group.

A few doors down, we dined at theĀ Reluctant Panther.

Walking the town. This may be the first photo where I’ve fallen for dandelions. I’m glad it’s not my yard though!

Other friends opted for the more strenuous hike up Mount Equinox. We drove the Summit Road to give them a lift back down the mountain.

We took a drive out towards Bromley and stopped in at a farm selling cheese on Rt 30.

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  1. E: I was chasing after the chicken for that shot, the farmer must have been laughing at me.
    M: We definitely missed you. Derby watching (and subsequent dinner) wasn’t the same! I think next year’s meeting will be in Newport.

  2. Miranda

    This looks so fun! Wish I could have been there!

  3. Eunice

    I like the chicken in mid step

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