postcard from: boston

Doesn’t D look so smart in front of M’s built-ins? And his new favorite pup, Coco.I’ve been hearing Drink has great cocktails. A few months ago Brent told me it passes my ice test (I like square cubes). The bartenders also hand-shape large cubes (bourbon shot on the right).A glimpse into the Barbara Lynch empire:Upstairs from Drink… we hit Sportello for dinner. Doug quickly summed it up as a casual diner-like setting that happens to have good food.  This description leaves out many finer points, but is a completely fair assessment. I would be happy to return to this diner! In the very wee hours… We manage to get up for Sunday brunch at Gaslight. The parking garage there is one of the coolest I’ve ever seen.After brunch, we hit the SOWA market. I also snuck into Mohr McPherson, but made it out without any impulse purchases.Adorable critters from Zooguu at SOWA market.Coming up soon… the main event for our trip to Boston: The BC Virginia Tech football game.

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  1. Such a good looking puppy!

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