pdx: out & about downtown

We spent a rainy Saturday morning wandering around downtown Portland, here’s a brief sampler.

After stumbling into the Portland Saturday Market we went to check out the Willamette Rievr and Burnside Bridge.Portland: Burnside BridgeThe landmark sign says it all. I hear around Christmas the deer’s nose glows red?Made in OregonPowell’s City of Books.  It’s like arriving in heaven, filled to the gills with new and used books.  My husband had to drag me out.  I could have parked myself there for the rest of the trip.  Portland: Powell's City of BooksThere are great eye candy on every street corner. Like this guy in his Elvis get-up with a tropical-colored guitar slung behind him.  I contemplated staying at the Ace Hotel, but on Sab’s recommendation we tried the Hotel deLuxe instead.Streets of PortlandThere wasn’t a single bad meal in Portland , though we never did try the Portland food carts (check out this 2009 Frugal Portland article from the New York Times) that are all over town.  Bottom right is famous Voodoo Doughnut.  It had an impossible line so we decide to come back later… and then horror of horrors, ran out of time!  Lastly on left, the interior of Dan & Louis Oyster Bar. I’ll be blogging more about that road food stop soon.pdx-grubI imagine this PDX has an above-normal population of graphic designers becuase even flyers on lamp posts were beautifully designed. I love this typeface from the entrance to the Portland Medical Center.Portland Medical Center

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  1. At least you got a picture of Voo Doo Donuts.

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