Portland has an unusually large selection of boutique hotels and to me, this reflects the fiercely creative and independent streak you’ll find everywhere in this town.  We stayed at the Hotel deLuxe which has a glam, golden age of Hollywood theme going on in the lobby and guest rooms.  When Sunday night rolled around, we were beat from a weekend of hardcore Portland sight-seeing.  The kitchen at the hotel restaurant had closed, so we settled in at the Driftwood Room for the a light dinner off the happy hour menu (it comes right back at ya at 9 PM).  Happy hour is a serious thing in Portland!  The prices drop, but the quality does not (as it often does around back East). We had a deliciously low priced dinner and crawled into our bed to finally relax.

I had to get a few shots of this seductive, dimly-lit  lounge. Driftwood Room at Hotel deLuxe in PortlandDriftwood Room at Hotel deLuxe in Portland