october snow day

I’m sure there are plenty of places where snow is not usual in October, but the Connecticut shoreline is not one of them. I completely discounted weather reports yesterday and was duly shocked this morning when the temperature quickly dropped and white flakes began falling.  So from my last post on leaf peeping, here we go – straight to a winter wonderland blanketing spooky Halloween decorations and trees that haven’t even dropped their leaves.  We didn’t have much accumulation here by the shore, but the wet thick flakes were falling furiously this afternoon.  Mother Nature’s on my list for causing the cancellation of tomorrow’s Souterrain, but I still braved the damp, windy conditions for about 15 minutes to document the Nor’easter’s visit to Morningside.

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  1. I can always count on the warm weather folks appreciate the snow photos! This storm wasn’t so bad for us since there was no shoveling involved, at least in our neighborhood… I know plenty of other CT folks buried under a foot of snow, without heat and power. Hang in there! I hope the power companies are on their way.

    Hey, Brendan how about you bring some California Sunshine when you visit in a month?

  2. Wow, an early start to what will hopefully not be a repeat of last year’s winter. Good luck guys! But the pictures are beautiful!

  3. Just read about your snowstorm on the net and jumped to your blog to see the beautiful photos of your area. We had a little storm of our own here in Hilo. The rainfall was so strong, it blew the rain into our bedroom and dining room windows. Ran around the house closing all the windows. Unfortunately, we had no gorgeous residue like your snowstorm, just muddy stairs. Ciao, A. Jean Enjoy the snow!!!

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