If you’re just tuning in… Quad Cities week continues!

For those of you wondering, what’s in Moline, Illinois?  THE answer is: it’s the home of John Deere. You know, tractors… lawn mowers?  There’s something so appealing about climbing around on a tractor (even as an adult), so I’d say the John Deere Pavillion is a must for anyone visiting the Quad Cities.John Deere PavillionI haven’t met a male homeowner who doesn’t love the idea of a sit-on lawn mower (yard zamboni as my husband calls it), even if his yard is the size of a postage stamp! Above, you can see D and Ryan in their element.John Deere PavillionFounded in 1837, Deere & Company has a long history as the one of the world’s leading farm and construction manufacturers. When you’re done climbing around on exhibits, you can also check out vintage models, read about the company history and get a glimpse into the technology & machinery powering the industrial food chain that feeds us all.  John Deere PavillionsIt’s amazing how recognizable their green & yellow branding is, even for those us not in the market for such equipment!   I favor the older John Deere logo, but also have to say, I like the more modern one as well!john-deere-pavillion04