A few weeks ago we scooped Brent up at the New Haven train station and drove on over to Caseus where we had lunch on a lovely, but noisy outdoor patio.  After lunch, we stopped in at the lower level fromagerie and bought some truffle goat cheese, Grafton cheddar and a Camembert. They always have the skinny onion ficelle that I can’t seem to find anywhere else. And for a last minute impulse item, I went for the Snark Handbook. I’m not sure why a cheese shop was selling this guide to verbal sparring, but I did note the author lives in Hamden, CT. While this is all fine and dandy, the real thing I’ve been waiting to try is the Caseus Cheese Truck. It parks in different downtown New Haven locations and sells grilled cheese!  D tells me it’s amazing, but I’ve yet to track it down.  You can follow The Cheese Truck on Twitter for daily information.Left: ORGANIC PORK TENDERLOIN SALAD. Mache, Arugula, Mushroom Crudo, Scallions, Garrotxa, Cured Lemon Vin.
Right: THE CHEESE BURGER: Painted Hills All Natural Beef, Brioche Ben, Pickles and X-sharp Cheddar.