Time to wrap-up my Sofra obsession with some photos of this surprise treat that came all the way to Connecticut, from Massachusetts via Maine.  When Miranda handed over the Sofra Bakery bag, I practically squeaked with delight right in the lobby of the Portland Harbor Hotel!  Miranda’s already a fan of Oleana and explained that Sofra’s not far from her dry cleaner. She dropped in on Saturday morning to finally check it out.  How lucky am I to have this deliciousness hand-delivered!?  We painstakingly kept both of these mezzes on ice until we could get home and enjoy on Sunday night. Upon tasting, we were split down the middle. My favorite is the beet tzatziki on the left and D adores the whipped feta on the right. Honestly, they are both amazing!It’s not often that we have truly good quality bread in the house, but on Sunday morning we had already selected the perfect rustic baguette at Standard Baking Company in Portland.Thoughtfully, Miranda provided some sweet to balance the savory. There were originally more baked goods inside the box, but a few were devoured before the camera came out.  I have no idea what either of these sweets are called, but they were certainly worth the calories!Thanks Miranda!  The food was delicious, but the best gift was having you join us on our quick trip to Portland.