Yes, more macarons came my way over the weekend!  All this French deliciousness began when I FINALLY sat down to watch Sofia Coppola’s, Marie Antoinette.  I stayed up way to late and marveled at the royal extravagance and truly… Versailles may never have had such an awesome soundtrack! Birthday scene with New Order’s, Ceremony? Just killer! I’m listening to it right now, as I edit this post.

In a brilliant transition from on-screen to real-world, my friends from Brooklyn suggested meeting up at Madeleine Pâtisserie on Saturday afternoon. These lovely macarons have a proper texture, in addition to some wonderful flavor combinations. Michele was wise to secure two Caramel Fleur de Sel. They beyond sharing. My other favorite was the apricot champagne or perhaps the pistachio cassis. If you are in Chelsea (anywhere near 23rd, between 6th and 7th), these are worth a stop. I do wonder how Burke can resist when he works in such close proximity to these tasty treats? Perhaps it’s the price?  I’m glad they are $2.50 a pop, otherwise I would have greedily eaten a dozen of them.

And the 18th birthday fête from Marie Antoinette: