I became obsessed with dining at Momofuku Ko shortly after reading the first issue of David Chang and Peter Meehan’s new quarterly, Lucky Peach. I had eaten at Noodle Bar and was ready to try more. The harder it is to get in (what, only 12 seats total?), the more I want to try the restaurant.  Ko’s been around since 2008 and it turns out the online-only resy system isn’t so tough if you’re game for a 16 course midday meal.

Lunch at Ko was easily my favorite dining experience of 2011.  Not simply because of the exquisite food the chefs are preparing in the narrow kitchen right in front of you, but because this particular meal turned my fine dining expectations upside-down. No, it’s not for everyone, but I was in heaven eating killer food, while listening to Jesus and Mary Chain, quite comfortably dressed-down in a pair of jeans. I am grateful for an option to eat well, but without all the pretense.

Ko doesn’t allow any photography. That’s a bit of a bummer for you guys, but it does bring me back to Lucky Peach. Since I can’t post photos from this fabled meal, I’ll share a few magazine shots instead. I hope it will inspire you to pick up your own print subscription. Smart and irreverent, each issue fills me with good cheer as Lucky Peach takes on the tired old food mag M.O. and attempts to give it a swift kick in the pants.

The Momofuku obssession continues… last weekend we served up the Bo ssam recipe, oysters and all. Extra thanks to tipsters: @funwithcarbslg and @blapins.  Bo ssam is a great option for an easy dinner party. If you decide to give it a whirl, please let me know how it turns out!