model bakery english muffins

Somehow (Mimi?), somewhere (Twitter?), we got the idea to order english muffins. From California.  And so a few of us grouped our cross-country order together to see if these beauties from Model Bakery were as good as all the chatter.

While I expected an English muffin a little on the chewy side, these much loftier specimens seem specifically engineered to create the perfect bread for a breakfast sandwich. When you lightly toast them, the tops and bottom get a light, but crispy crunch. After taking one bite of this bacon egg and cheese, I was convinced it was worth every penny to get it shipped to Connecticut. These are a special treat and if you’re ever near St. Helena or Napa, I suggest a detour to try these fresh out of the oven.

If you can’t make it to Napa and you’re crazy enough to want these sent to your front doorstep, the shipping about doubled the cost of each muffin. In our case, this ran about $4 total for each muffin.

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  1. Agreed, they are the new gold standard for breakfast sandwich in the D household. We froze some of our order, I hope they hold up reasonably.

  2. Even though the bacon, egg & cheese components were “whatever we had in the fridge”, It really did set the new high bar for my breakfast sandwich category.

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