It’s Brent’s third and final holiday season in New England. During his time in CT, we’ve gotten a bit of a Christmas tradition going. Fortified by our fully loaded hot dog at Super Duper Weenie, we set off to find a tree at Maple Row Farm in Easton, Connecticut.

I know it looks like fields and fields worth of options, but I’d guess we searched for 5 minutes or less. D does not really have the patience to obsess over tree shape.

Brent selected and cut our tree. It is shorter than usual, but it fits perfectly in our front living room window.
What is the deal with Christmas lights? Designed to fail? This string was purchased last year and is already on the fritz!

Late in the day there were still some elaborate tailgate setups in the Maple Row parking lot. We just sipped hot cider and listened to our holiday playlist, which of course includes a little Bing Crosby:

Brent is already long gone,  jetting off for a month-long holiday with family in California and Hawaii. Have I mentioned how smart my cousin is?