It’s an on-going joke in the design world. Every client always wants their logo bigger.  Me? I’m designer who wants my photos bigger! I started my blog last November right before we headed out to Chicago and Austin.  Since doing my first vacation recap, I’ve been longing for a blog layout with more space to feature my photos. Photography is just a hobby (graphic design will always be bringin’ home the bacon), but I’ve found that managing a blog has made me really think more critically when it comes to shooting and editing my work.

I’m beyond thrilled to have found a new home via WordPress/Tofurious and I hope you’ll continue to follow my design adventures right here…  Don’t be shy, give me a shout in the comments section and hopefully things will keep on getting bigger and better. Just like my new blog!


My last post on my old blog featured some eye candy from dear college friend’s baby shower in Boston.  Here are those same photos but in the new and improved size.

Mystery Baby cupcakes

Why the hooks on the cupcakes? Simple, they are question marks! Baby M is still a bit of a mystery. The parents-to-be are waiting until delivery day to find out if their first born is a boy or girl. I hear Marc believes there’s a boy on the way, but I’m sure any gal from Morrow House will tell you a future Smithie would be pretty great too!