maiden voyage: whole foods in milford

It doesn’t take much to guess where I headed after work today!  Whole Foods in Milford, Connecticut still had a healthy crowd going at about 8:30 (it’s open until 10pm).  This morning, I read a lovely account of the store’s Monday preview event on the Fairfield Green Food Guide. I don’t have the time to write up such a thoughtful commentary, but I’m sure I’ll form more of an opinion as I shop there a little more. Bear with me, I only had my little Lumix p&s camera. 
No nibbling the macrobiotic salad!Whole Foods in Milford, CTDear readers: has anyone every cooked with salt cod? I’ve never even seen in first-hand before! Please let me know how you prepare it!Whole Foods in Milford, CTMy fatithful food shopping companion hunting down a recipe on his crackberry.Whole Foods in Milford, CT

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  1. Hope your recipe turned out well! We have some Italian friends who mentioned cooking with salt cod… but we still haven’t taken the plunge! We did try the skate wing from Whole Foods last night though…

    PS: I’m a fan of Jordan Caterers. We attented a wedding at the Guilford Yacht Club and the food was great!

  2. Hi,
    I loved browsing your blog. These Whole Foods shots inspired me to shop for salt cod and make a Cape Verdean recipe for Bacalhau that I haven’t made since my kids were small.
    Thanks for posting.

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