Want to know where to find me Sunday night, 10 pm? I’ll be glued to the television, watching AMC’s season 4 premiere of Mad Men! These characters all have mad style and I cannot wait to see what’s new in their lives and their 1960s closets. To my mind, Janie Bryant brings life to these characters to life just as much creetor/producer Matthew Weiner. There’s a lot of hype regarding this new season and I thought I’d round up some teasers for you. Don, Betty, Peggy, Joan. Haven’t you missed all of them dearly?

A Look at Mad Men Season 4

Mad Men Season 4 Wardrobe with Janie Bryant:

Behind the scenes at the Annie Leibovitz shoot with Jon Hamm and January Jones.
I will be buying the September Issue of Vanity Fair so I can really check out the photography!

Mad Men’s only on Sunday nights, but if you want a night on the town à la Sterling Cooper,
check out Eater’s Ultimate Mad Men Guide to NYC Bars and Restaurants.

I always love a peek into someone else’s workspace! Of course Matthew Weiner has a fascinating desk. How did these ad men ever get any work done? The sight of a full bar in a modern day office still is a jarring thought!