Here’s some proof that I don’t plan every single meal of our vacation: On our drive into New Orleans we stopped in at B B’s Po-Boys & Seafood on a bit of a food board informed whim. David, owner of our Magnolia Springs B&B urged us to turn south into Ocean Springs and take a slight detour along the Mississippi coastline. We arrived at the end of a busy weekday lunch rush. After about 10 min of waiting, we had our table and not long after, 2 po-boys. Here’s mine, generously filled with shrimp (D’s had oysters). I love the cracked surface of the bread and the cheese and bacon peeking out from under its edges. Whenever I see this photo I wish I could find a sandwich like it in Connecticut.

Taken with the appropriate grain of salt, my favorite sites/apps for dining decision making on-the-go are Yelp, Chowhound, and Zagat.