The real truth about this blog that all of the shots that end up on here are the result of sheer luck and a bit of Photoshop magic. In the interest of improving technique and getting the right shot more quickly… I spent the day with Aurora Oronato shooting on manual and exploring the wonders of lighting. It was an amazing day of learning new things and being a bit overwhelmed. In the end, I need to spend more time thinking and revising my work while I’m behind the camera. Luckily, there should be plenty of time to practice while we’re on vacation!SavannahFirst shot is of Savannah, who braved a lot of chilly, whipping wind in downtown New Milford. MelissaMelissa was our afternoon model.  Aurora brought a lot of lighting gear I’ve never worked with before. A softbox, a heavy huge battery that looks like it could power a car, reflectors… It was amazing to take control of the light instead of feeling frustrated that it’s an uncontrollable factor in a shot. Since I don’t own all this equipment, I doubt my photos will be taking on this kind of effect any time soon, but it was fascinating to see it behind the scenes. I loved trying something new and can hardly believe these photos came from my D50 with a 35mm lens.MelissaMelissaMelissaMelissa And those eyelashes!  Girls- they are real… I am so jealous.Melissa

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  1. WHOO HOOO great job girl, what’s important is that you now understand what an important role light plays in your images I have no doubt as you look for the light you will become more confident in your images! Can’t wait for your Vaca Photos! =)

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