king’s hawaiian bakery: guava cake

After touching down at LAX, I decided Hawaiian food (in California) was better than nothing and regardless, I wasn’t flying onward over the Pacific blue yonder for yet another 5.5 hours! My mom’s brother lives in Torrance, and apparently there are a lot of other island locals in this area of California. While visiting with my uncle and aunt, my first order of business was to drag everyone to King’s Hawaiian Bakery.

I greedily ordered a huge plate lunch of lau lau and kalua pork (it’s no Ono Hawaiian Foods), but I realized halfway through that I would need to save room for dessert. I have a bucket list of things I need to eat when in Hawaii. Guava Cake is on this list. One taste and it magically reminds me of my childhood summers in Honolulu. My inability to source such a cake on the East Coast has only added to its allure. It’s not a fancy dessert: 3 layers of airy guava chiffon cake nestled between layers of whipped cream, but it’s the glossy guava glaze on top that gets me every time.

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  1. lisa ikahihifo

    I one learn to make guava for Laua I would like sound so good cause Single ward going have Luau on the summer I could like to learn make Guava cake good ….

  2. Harper, I’ve never made any Hawaiian food, though I do enjoy eating it whenever I’m back in the islands. While I wouldn’t call this luau fare: I have made this coconut cake recipe from the Halekulani Hotel and it’s so ono!

  3. That sounds super yummy! Guava cake has always been one of the tastiest desserts I’ve eaten, in my eleven-year-old life! It looks amazing! I’m Hawaiian, but I have yet to make Guava Cake… I am making some food for a Luau coming up and want to know if you have a good recipe! I enjoyed reading your post!

  4. I’m not sure where to get on the Big Island… Next time for sure. You would love it!

  5. Eunice

    Looks amazing, I am not sure how I missed this piece of goodness while in hawaii

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