kiera’s big day

For those of you paying attention, you’ll remember we were in Pennsylvania last weekend.  You may recognize Kiera, flower girl at our wedding and D’s niece and god daughter. Saturday was her first communion and a new first for me as well. I’ve never seen such a sight, all the young girls in white dresses and mini veils. Lined up in the pews, these girls and boys looked like teeniest of brides and grooms.kiera_1stcommunion02Only a first communion veil could meet a fate such as this, abandoned on the coloring table.  Kiera strongly objected to its scratchiness. First CommunionAnd what is this day without your mom? Meet D’s sister, mom extraordinaire: Julie.First CommunionFirst Communion

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  1. D's sister

    Liz – I might be just a little biased, but the pictures are beautiful! You’re pictures are always beautiful!

  2. She is a ball of energy, but I’m realizing she looks so calm and still in these photos.

  3. Eunice

    Kiera is so beautiful.

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