Island boy Brent (from Hawaii) was back from Boston a few weeks ago. This time to help us pick our Christmas tree! I’ve lived in Connecticut all my life and never cut down a tree, so we set a date for Jones Tree Farm in Shelton.  We were surprised to see the hillside still covered with snow (that was a week ago, before the 1′ dump we got this past Saturday night).  When you arrive, you grab a hand saw. Then you decide what kind of tree you want. Upon entering the field I said two things: “I want a long needle tree” and “I don’t want a fat tree.” I later came to regret both of those statements.Jones Family Farm in Shelton, CTHere’s our tree, in situ. Oh and look- here’s proof we even measured this tree before we cut it!   Didn’t matter.  It was still too tall for our living room. Cutting your own tree does have its advantages. Ten or so pine cones were hanging along the inside trunkline of the tree.Jones Family Farm in Shelton, CTWe wandered around a bit and you can’t help wondering if one of the stumps you are looking at was your dream tree, but some other family beat you to it.  Here Brent is getting easily distracted by the snow.  He said it was the fourth time he’d seen it in his life.Jones Family Farm in Shelton, CTJones Family Farm in Shelton, CTJones Family Farm in Shelton, CTJones Family Farm in Shelton, CTWe put Brent to work cutting down a tree  and hauled it back from the field to the parking lot.Jones Family Farm in Shelton, CTI like how Jones spins the red twine into a perfect spiral around your tree. No plastic netting like a lot of other places.Jones Family Farm in Shelton, CTThis was my first time on a tree farm and I noticed and unusual display of oddball hats or other additions… here is a good example, with matching mittens…Jones Family Farm in Shelton, CTEvery time we turned around Brent was checking out the snow. I wonder how long it’ll take for the novelty to wear off?