it’s quad cities week!

It’s Twilight’s Midwest edition all week long!  First things first.  When you live in Connecticut and you announce you are traveling to the Quad Cities, someone is going to ask you, “what are the 4 cities?”  Moline, IL (home town of A+J), Rock Island, IL, Bettendorf, IA and Davenport, IA.  Smack in the middle of it all is the mighty Mississippi River. I’ll admit it, my Midwest geography is pretty bad. So bad, it’s embarrassing!  In case you’re in the same boat as me… Moline is about 3 hrs west of Chicago by car. Here’s a shot from the main event: Ann + Jason’s wedding!A+J wedding ceremony

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  1. Congratulations on your engagement! This wedding was held at Black Hawk State Park at the little stone house, east of the lodge. Joel Bickford was the guitarist from the ceremony. The band was Tri City (and they were awesome). The bride Ann Campeau now sells wedding dresses in Phoenix and I’m sure she would be happy to help if you need more info. You can find her at If you have any trouble reaching Ann, let me know. liz

  2. Oh! I’d also love to know who their band was.

  3. Hello! Love your blog. I’m currently planning a wedding in the QC and would love to know where your friends held their ceremony. I’m looking to have it outside and their photos are great.


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