I’m going to take a break from the California trip recap to stay current with Fourth of July happenings.

This is a big weekend in Morningside and Milford in general. I started yesterday off with a trip to Scratch Baking. Most summer Saturday mornings you will find me poking around at the Milford farmers’ market, which is now in full swing, just steps outside the door to Lesli’s bakery. These flag-bearing cupcakes are red velvet:

In an amazing stroke of luck, I was invited to tag along to Red Bee Apiary with Amy, Ryan and Joe. Beekeeper Marina Marchese, generously gave us a tour of her charming Weston property and capped off our visit with an impromptu honey tasting!  From there, I headed north to Community Table where Christine and I enjoyed not only a fine dinner, but a tour of the kitchen from the chef/owner, Joel Viehland.

I’ll be sharing more of yesterday’s photos in separate posts later this month and while I hope you’re sitting back and enjoying the rest of the holiday weekend, I wanted to offer up two lovely outdoor spaces I came across in my travels yesterday.

Red Bee Apiary:

Community Table:

After driving about 140 miles yesterday, my main goal for the rest of the weekend is not to leave the zip code.