I’ve always loved shopping at Anthropologie, but my fascination shifted gears once I started watching Man Shops Globe on the Sundance Channel. Keith Johnson has my dream job, traveling the world and channeling inspiration as the buyer-at-large for Anthro.

On Saturday, Jo and I set our sights on walking the High Line. We met at 15th and 9th Ave where we were surprised to find Anthropologie. I knew this was a new development since my last trip to Chelsea Market in January!  It’s hard to believe this Manhattan store is 9,000 square feet, the scale never feels overwhelming. I couldn’t resist taking a few photos in-between scouring the sale racks and wandering the top floor with complete envy.I’m not sure why but, I am consistently drawn towards visual clutter. A photography professor pointed it out to me and it rings true in every aspect of my design sensibility.  That’s probably why I find Anthro so appealing. The stores are always chock full of fascinating details. I love the music & the visual displays and hoard the catalogs at home. If they would just serve food, I could move right on in! I’m fortunate that the closest store is halfway between my home and office. It’s within reason, but not particularly close to any of my usual travels.I adore these whimsical swags made out of old pages from National Geographic. I threw a shelves of them out after keeping them around for most of my entire childhood. I guess you could say my magazine hoarding started at a young age.I almost bought this book, but I didn’t want to carry it around Manhattan all day long. It will have a home in my office shortly. Last week, I discovered The Selby and it just may be the most fascinating photographic blog I’ve seen this year.