in season: the citrus edition

I keep hearing about the prolonged cold snap devastating Florida citrus growers, so I was surprised to see navel oranges on sale for $.99/lb! I like to cut them up in advance for a quick weekday breakfast. Navel OrangesOver the past month, I’ve been favoring the fancier Cara Cara. It’s not a variety you’ll see year-round. I’m in love with the sweet taste and the beautiful color. You can see why their labels proudly proclaim, pink is the new orange. They look like a small pink grapefruit, but they’re not tart at all.Cara Cara OrangesI’ve been wanting a satsuma orange for weeks.  Something about the one leaf draws me in.  During my childhood trips to Hawaii, I remember Japanese homes displaying a mandarin orange on top of two mochi rice cakes. Kagami Mochi is a traditional New Year’s decoration, but I swear I used to see it other times of the year…Satsuma orange

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  1. I ate the satsuma today and there wasn’t a single seed in it!

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