As I mentioned in a previous post,  I didn’t see a SINGLE commercial during the Super Bowl this year!  The next day, most of the blogs I follow were buzzing about Google’s ad, with its charming Parisian love story. Like any American who thinks of the City of Lights as a hopelessly romantic place, I was enveloped in a warm and fuzzy feeling after seeing it online.  BUT…when I read that Google edited out some of their search results  -et voilà- the magic was gone.

I glimpsed a truncated version of the KIA Sorrento ad on TV last night and though I can’t declare it the best (not that anyone cares what I think was the best Super Bowl ad), I will say it’s a favorite of mine! With its killer soundtrack, this ad is certainly a timely homage to last year’s every-man movie, The Hangover!  What a fresh sight to see these edgy shenanigans juxtaposed with the innocence of a child’s stuffed animals and toys.  I love how KIA ties their SUV with a state of mind… and a fun-loving one at that.

A departure from the expected… indeed.