holiday kitchen: chocolate puddle cookies

For someone who claims to be challenged when it comes to baking, I made my fair share of cookies this holiday season. I had my eye on this 101 Cookbooks recipe, but pressed for time, I fell back on the sparkling ginger chip cookies that have turned into my reliable holiday standby. Once the holiday dust settled, I swapped it for powdered sugar… literally, you need quite a bit of it for these chocolate puddle cookies!

Amy convinced me this recipe wasn’t as hard as I thought.  And I love any cookie that doesn’t require pulling out the stand mixer! She noted the only tricky bit is toasting the walnuts properly. I couldn’t agree more. Proper toasting is worth your undivided attention because the walnuts are the star of the show. I toasted mine on a sheet pan at 350 degrees F.  To quote Amy, just “watch the oven like a hawk” to be sure you don’t burn the walnuts! You’ll be rewarded with a wonderful toasted flavor in every chewy-chocolatey bite of this cookie/wannabe brownie.

You can find the full recipe on 101 Cookbooks >>

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  1. Yum!! These look delicious! I bet my husband (the chocoholic) would love these!

  2. Let’s not get too dramatic, there are still plenty of these left at home!

  3. Jim Dorney

    Whoa Whoa – If this was the last batch why am I giving them away to my co-workers?

  4. These are some pretty fantastic cookies. They will likewise be my last batch of cookies for 2010. It’s time to cut back on the sugar! It’s amazing I didn’t spill more than cocoa powder on the recipe! I wish I had toasted more walnuts, they’re an addicting snack!

  5. They look great Liz! Love the cocoa powdered recipe at the top 🙂 I decided that these are the final cookies I’ll make in 2010 because they are impossible to top in my book. Hope you guys enjoy them.

  6. they look delicious

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