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It’s been a long week.  Friday mornings are key days for a cup of coffee. So let’s talk about the premium cup of joe you can find in Hawaii.  I had hoped to visit a Kona Coffee plantation, but this trip to Hawaii we only had time to stop in at the Hilo Coffee Mill. It’s on the road to the Volcano as you head out of Hilo and they do the roasting for beans grown on various island farms. I knew the cherries grew on coffee trees which you can see on out in the Mill’s front yard, but they will also walk you through the roasting process ( lower right hand corner). Hilo Coffee MillWe showed up at the Hilo Coffee Mill about 5 mintues before closing and the staff couldn’t have been more welcoming. We stocked back up on our Kona coffee supply!  Typically a pound of 100% (not a blend) Kona will set you back about $25-35. If you’re interested, sign up for their email newsletter.  The Hilo Coffee Mill occasionally offers free shipping! You can read more in the related article: “Exotic Tastes of the Big Island” from January 2010 in the NY Times.

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  1. Luckily traffic was light and I had time to get an iced coffee today!

    There are plenty of other actual farms (this is just a roasting facility) I think you can visit on the Kona side… I think this is one you can consider:

  2. Adding this to our list of sites to see in November. I could use a cup right now.

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