happy mountain day

It’s business as usual on this sunny autumn day, but it’s Mountain Day at Smith!

I have fond memories of waking up on a cold crisp fall day to the sound of college bells signalling Mountain Day. Suddenly, classes were cancelled and you got a free pass to enjoy a hike or picnic with friends! More than likely, you rolled over and got a little more sleep before you went out to spend time with Mother Nature, but it was thrilling to escape the pressures of the daily grind.

You may not be able to declare you own Mountain Day today, but Smithie or not, I hope you get outside and enjoy a moment for yourself!
Smith College Mountain Day 2009This photo was taken in Western Mass, along I-91. We never did anything so extravagant on our Mountain Day adventures, but this hot air balloon reminds me there are endless ways to explore the beauty of the Pioneer Valley.

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  1. The first fall Mondays always feel like Mountain Day to me. It’s nice and cool in DC, after a supremely mild summer, it’s a bit of a shock that a cardigan might not be enough to walk around with your gelato after lunch . . . Let me tell you, the Honey Thyme gelato from Potenza is awesome.


    Without fail, the fall always reminds me of Smith and the girls from Morrow. And since I have always been driven by my stomach–I get afternoon tea cravings, that are notiously followed up by thoughts of Wayne’s Carrot Cake or Dianne’s Russian Teacakes . . .

    Much love-Linda

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