Good News Cafe in Woodbury, CT

Before this year’s annual visit to White Flower Farm we stopped in at Carol Peck’s Good News Cafe for a late lunch.

D was a big fan of the X-Limited Edition Ale from Cavalry Brewing in Oxford, Connecticut.

Jack’s Pecan-Crusted Fresh Oysters, Cherry Jicama Tomatillo Salsa – Chili Aioli Drizzle

Pistachio Crumb-Crusted Pork Medallions – Kale & Green Beans

Black Bean Burrito with Spiced Beef, Rice, Red Pepper, Cheese, Tomato “Pico de Gallo”, Avocado & Sour Cream

Usually I like to get dessert while we’re here, but Lily was ready to move on. Plus this left us free to get an ice cream cone at Arethusa in Bantam later in the afternoon!

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  1. Mr chubby digits makes yet another appearence. Plus size hand model.

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