freestyle fireworks in bayview

On the fourth we like to stick close to home. We were lucky enough to have the golf cart at our disposal, so we hopped in and drove to Point Beach to watch the Bayview fireworks. I have to say this vantage point is absolutely perfect in my book. It’s a great spot overlooking Bayview (and this year’s killer sunset) and you’re bit out of the fray. As Officer Smitty wisely noted, watching the Bayview fireworks can feel like you’re in a war zone. I cannot even begin to convey the amount of illegal fireworks that were launched here on Sunday night!  Our former neighbors were still going strong an hour after it got dark.  Aerials were shooting above our head and showering us with debris and ash. It was smoky and noisy and a bit even felt a bit dangerous… but I suppose that just added to the thrill of it all!Point Beach gets in on the action and now the debris starts to rain down.We started and ended the evening driving by the Morningside shoreline. It was a quiet oasis next to the activity in Point Beach and Bayview.

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  1. It’s tough! You definitely have to take your camera off automatic! Does your camera have a “fireworks” setting? I saw another picnic-goer use that in West Haven and she got some nice shots off her p&s camera.

  2. Eunice

    Great photos. I don’t know you get them to look so good. Mine were a black blob with a white speck!

    I remember those Bayside 4th days!

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