frances palmer pottery

Back in the 80’s my mom took to growing dahlias and they remain one of my favorite summer blooms. I was instantly drawn to the Connecticut artist Frances Palmer, who has a garden full of them, just steps from her 2-story studio barn in Weston.

Frances is recognized not only for her garden, but her handmade pottery. Upstairs in the barn, many of her finished pieces are on display.

Faded, but still beautiful.

Frances also let us peek inside the first floor workspace. Even on a day of rest, a studio reveals bits about an artist’s creative process.

Traces of the garden are everywhere.

Timed to coincide with peak blooming season, Frances Palmer’s garden will be open to visitors via the The Garden Conservancy’s Open Days Program on September 16, 2012.

A big thank you to motoamy for letting me tag along on this inspiring studio visit.

Frances Palmer and Marina Marchese of Weston are finalists in the American Made Awards. You can vote for both of these Connecticut residents through September 24, 2012 with the links below:


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  1. All thanks to you Amy. I loved visiting the studio! One day, I hope to go back for an early morning visit in the garden.

    Have you seen these photos from Amy Merrick’s most recent visit?

  2. I may be admittedly biased, but this is my favorite Morningside post and some of my favorite photos of Frances Palmer Pottery. Stunning.

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