It’s the first week of the new year and while everyone else has been busy with recaps and “best of” lists, here in Morningside I am busy cataloging all the posts that never made it up 2011. Revisiting my on-going January resolution, one day I hope to get all my posts online in a timely fashion. In the meantime get ready for some randomness, starting with this fortuitous find on a summer-like day back in September. It feels good to see some leafy green trees, now that we’re deep in the heart of winter.

I have a favorite spot for blueberry pancakes, a little dive called Little Lasse’s. Breakfast here involves a drive across town and on this lucky day, we were heading towards Naugatuck Ave when we noticed folks lining up on the sidewalk with flags and lawn chairs. We couldn’t figure out what everyone was expecting in this residential neighborhood (honoring 9/11 anniversary?), but we clued in a few minutes later when we happily put the car in park and watched the 40th Annual Engine 260 Antique Fire Apparatus Show & Muster parade drive by. I had seen signs for the event, but had no idea what went on at a fire muster. D explained show and competition and I so badly wanted to continue on to Eisenhower Park, but in an ironic twist, we had the Danbury fire chief coming to dinner that night and needed to get it together back at the homestead. This year I hope to see the fire fighter team competitions and get a close up look at the fire engines.

When we stumbled across this parade, I didn’t have my dSLR. I dug out my point & shoot camera and since these photos are uneven in quality, I decided to have a little fun and apply a filter effect… kind of like a giant Instagram.  Today’s post is a reminder to never leave home without a camera!