eataly new york

Sunday morning, Soho.  It was the NY Giants bye week. Dorns announces out the blue that he wants to eat brunch at Eataly. This Italian food hall in the middle of Manhattan is a place I’ve wanted to visit.  I’ve also seen the weekend line of people waiting on Broadway and assumed it’s even worse if you are inside. As it was still before noon, I figured we had a shot.  Upon arrival, the pizza and pasta dining option already had a long queue, so we sensibly sat right down at the all-vegetable option, Le Verdure.

It was a little after noon when we finished up and the market was busy with a steady stream of shopping filling in. Eataly certainly  is a food lover’s paradise, but I was no longer in the mood to explore. We had to divide and conquer.  D went to get some cheese, prosciutto and salami.

And I wandered over over to explore the fresh pasta and bought some ravoli quadrati.

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  1. Ohh, thanks for the tip Denise!!!! I can imagine having easy access to Eataly must be pretty hard on your wallet.

  2. I love Eataly. I work a block away from it and I see where my money goes!
    You should check out Tarry Market in Port Chester – it’s like a mini-Eataly, and a little cheaper =)

  3. Oooh this looks amazing!!


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